Healing services are open to everyone and anyone. It doesn't matter your religion, what matters is that you come with an open mind, an open heart. Surrender yourself and be filled with the Spirit. At each event, Dr. Nemeh and others will begin with a talk on different spiritual topics, including how to prepare one's mind for a healing.  Following the talks, every participant will receive an individual prayer from Dr. Nemeh and hear other miracle moments. Find more details on events and tickets here.


Not sure what to expect? You're not alone.


Expect to be warmly welcomed. Expect a day of prayer. Expect to hear an informal spiritual discussion and introduction to Dr. Nemeh and Kathy Nemeh. 

Expect to wait. You will be watching Dr. Nemeh (and sometimes his wife Kathy) pray individually with people. 

Expect to see many who are ill and family members with their loved ones. You may see relief in people's faces. And you may feel the Holy Spirit's presence during the prayerful day. Expect a life-changing experience.

Every person is welcome to attend, regardless of religious beliefs. We welcome all people to our healing services. Dr. Nemeh who is Catholic, insists God is the only healer, and he never imposes his beliefs on anyone.

When Dr. Nemeh approaches you for the prayer, you may share your concerns with him. He may ask you a question, otherwise; just pray in your heart and let God take over.

Please inform one of the ushers before you are seated and we will do our best to accommodate your medical condition(s). Please be prepared with medication, oxygen, and special dietary needs to last the duration of the healing service.



Tickets to each event are only available through our TicketLeap page here.

Click the Purchase Tickets button below to see dates. You will be sent to our ticketing company, TicketLeap, where you can complete the purchase of your tickets. You will be instructed to print your tickets right from your computer. Please be sure to print your tickets to complete your transaction.


Please do not arrive more than 30 minutes ahead of your ticketed time. Each scheduled event lasts at least 4 hours, so we suggest that you come prepared in case you need medication or oxygen. Children under the age of 12 do not require a ticket.

Please do not call Dr. Nemeh's medical office or the hotels/hosting locations for tickets or information.



Miracles are proof that God walks beside us and hears our prayers.


Do you need a prayer? Or, does someone you know need a prayer? We believe in the power of intention, prayer and healing. Submit your prayer intentions. Dr. Nemeh and Kathy Nemeh read and pray for each prayer request.


If you have experienced a healing, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional, we ask you to share your story with others. Your testimony is an act of gratitude. Sharing your story with others is powerful.

Please take a few minutes and tell us by emailing: Kathy@PathToFaith.com.