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Mother Daughter Miracles

"Dear Dr. & Kathy Nemeh, Last month, on January 18th, my daughter, my co-worker and I drove from Iowa to come there for a couple of medical appointments with Dr. Nemeh and we arrived before a bad snowstorm had hit. I had two appointments scheduled with him: one that Friday night we got in and the other was the first appointment of the day on Saturday. My daughter, Emily, and my co-worker, Nancy, both joined in on the appointments and then all three of us had a ticket for the prayer service on Sunday. I am writing as both of you had asked us ever so kindly to stay in touch. We have so much goodness to share from what we have experienced, but I won’t be able to write you about everything as

No More Back Pain

"We came for a healing for my sister with cancer but I had been having terrible pains on side and back. I didn't tell anyone or mention it to Dr. Nemeh. When we went up to interact at a healing service and ask for the healing he touched my side and it felt like a shock. I told him that I wasn't there for me, but my pain was gone I was totally amazed. I haven't had the pain since!" - Judy S.