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5 Guys and a Faith Healer - WXYZ

Story from WXYZ Detroit: 5 Guys and a Faith Healer: After Dismal Diagnoses, they believe in Miracles. Click here to watch the story on WXYZ Detroit. (WXYZ) — Do you believe in miracles? You might after hearing the stories of five men who say they are blessed to be alive after escaping death's door. All of them had dire health scares that led them to this man, Dr. Issam Nemeh, a Catholic doctor from Cleveland, who some swear has the power of healing. “They did an MRI and found a brain tumor located in the back of my head in a position where they deemed it inoperable,” said Bill Wylonis. “I was diagnosed with fourth stage throat cancer,” said Ray Confer. “It just shattered my whole face. I los

Miracles for Family & Friends

"Dr. Nemeh changed our lives, not only with my dad Steve Johnson but also my daughter. She was suffering with complications from wolff Parkinson white syndrome. After two months on their top heart monitors screaming with irregular actions every 10 minutes. She visited Dr. Nemeh with hope's that he could share a few minutes of his time with her. She witnessed a miracle with her papa not knowing that she would soon receive her own. Dr. Nemeh worked with her and she described Angel's tap dancing on her heart. Dr. Nemeh confirmed her condition without ever knowing what she was there for. He also explained that he was taking care of all her problems as he was doing his work. Hours later after her