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Children's Book Recommendation: Remember Us with Smiles

Check out Gary Jansen's latest book, Remember Us with Smiles. Fun fact: Gary was also the editor of Dr. Nemeh's book, Miracles Every Day. Enjoy!

"Remember Us with Smiles will spark the creativity of children of all ages and help them tell their own stories." --Deepak Chopra, New York Times bestselling author

Remember Us with Smiles is a tender story of a family remembering together both the fun and the challenges of growing up. It reminds readers to savor even the humblest of moments because they provide the foundation for a lifetime of memories. A book for children of all ages, young children will be introduced to the concept of seeing something extraordinary in the commonplace, while older children will be encouraged to commemorate milestones in their own lives. Remember Us with Smiles will leave families with the reassurance that when they remember their lives together with a smile, joy forms the bridge connecting then to now, now to the future.

The lively and colorful illustrations by Barbara Bongini bring to life family visits to the park, bedtime stories, and car rides for ice cream, as well as stormy nights, sicknesses, and scares. "We are inviting parents to imagine how they can help their children and grandchildren see yesterday through the lens of appreciation," says co-author Gary Jansen says, "because when a family spends time together, what feels ordinary in the moment often becomes something to celebrate in the future."

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