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God's Spirit is everywhere

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Welcome to Path to Faith

Path to Faith is an organization dedicated to bringing people closer to God by experiencing His love and His power that heal us both physically and spiritually.


Power of Prayer

Healings with Dr. Nemeh

Dr. Issam Nemeh, a man trained in science, now uses his spirituality and faith to heal. People attending in-person and virtual healing services report recoveries from a wide range of conditions. To learn more about our virtual healing services click here. 

Dr. Nemeh Live

Join us for a monthly conversation with Dr. Nemeh! Dive deeper into your faith, ask Dr. Nemeh a question, feel the power of group prayer. Conversations are held on Zoom. Learn more about Dr. Nemeh Live events here!

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Miracle Stories Shared Around the World

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Using a Touch Phone

Virtual Prayers

We're all connected no matter the distance. Learn more about how individual virtual prayer sessions work here. 

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