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Herniated Disk No More

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

At 68, my mom had severe diverticulitis, a chronic inflammatory disease of the bowel, with just horrendous vomiting and diarrhea, abdominal pain. The doctors at The Cleveland Clinic recommended surgery to remove 12 inches of her bowel and a possible colostomy to treat it.

She also had this weird bruising disorder: What would be a regular blue, 2-inch bruise on most people would be a 6- or 8-inch black patch on her that would last for three months. Specialists throughout Chicago, where she lived, and at the Mayo Clinic had no explanation except that she was fair-skinned, very thin-skinned or getting older.

In addition, she'd had blinding migraines since she was a kid, the kind where her speech would get blurred and she'd get nauseous.

"We saw Dr. Nemeh one night, and he said, •I'd like to see you again before you go home.' So we came in the next day. He said, •If you can come in one more time, I really think we can take care of all of this.'

"My mom has not had a migraine in three years. She doesn't bruise — if she does, it's a little blue spot like we get. And when the doctors went back and did another scan of her abdomen, the 12-inch necrotic area [of her intestine] was totally clear and open."

— Fiona Hudec, 41, a registered nurse who was treated by Nemeh for a herniated disk, degenerative disk disease and nerve damage resulting from jaw surgery and now volunteers at his healing services

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