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Miracle Story: Malabsorption and Malnutrition

"In addition to my video testimony, I really need to add a list of what was wrong, that is no longer wrong, or a problem, and what is improving everyday because I only touched the surface in my video.

First, I need to start with my food situation. I could only eat five things, pasture raised eggs, organic apples and bananas, organic sweet potatoes, and Pea pasta. I couldn’t put any type of seasoning on any of this except pure sea salt. I only drink water, black tea and nettle tea.

On my drive from Arizona to Ohio, I had no way to eat much except the fruit because I couldn’t eat on the road, so my sister made me muffins out of cauliflower flour, organic applesauce, sea salt, bananas and eggs. On day 2 of my drive I became my “usual” very ill from this basic recipe, with migraine, oozing eyes, stomach and body pain, so bad I had to pull over and lay in the back of my car for 12 hours trying to recover so I could finish driving… I was afraid to crash and hurt someone else. As I had my Dr. Nemeh appts (6 over the course of a month) I was adding one thing per day, to make sure that I did not get sick, so I was being very cautious with what I was adding to my diet. Dr. Nemeh kept telling me I was fine and I wanted so bad to eat anything with flavor but I really was very afraid. The type of sick I get from eating certain foods causes 2 to 3 days of horrific side effects and is not something I want to experience ever again. Well, after we made this video testimony, after my 6th appt. I stopped at Chipotle for my friend and she asked, “ will you eat with me?” So I thought, why not test it right now and see if I am fully healed. So I ordered a bowl with brown rice, red and black beans, peppers and onions, salsa, guacamole and lettuce.

I am overjoyed to report that I was 100% fine that night on my 4 hour drive back home and I’m fine the next morning as I type this!! No migraine, no pain, no oozing eyes! This is a miracle!

I was dying literally from malabsorption and malnutrition because my gut was so bad I could not digest food or absorb any nutrients. Here’s a list of many other things that have improved or are completely healed in just one month! Nails - (toes and fingers) went from yellow to white again Eyes - no more oozing, the whites are white again, not red and grey, and the pain behind them is gone. I had a pain between my eyes that felt like someone was holding a bottle of freezy spray against my skin and brain and wouldn’t let go, that pain is gone. My liver, kidneys, and pancreas are no longer in severe pain. I became post menopausal in 2 months time and developed osteoporosis in 6 months … I was aging so quickly, all from the nerve block shots, I know this is reversing because I can feel and see the difference in my body.

My mouth caused so much pain because I’ve had several teeth pulled and have had route canals, and in my jaw, I had cavitations and abscesses which were shown on 3-D x-ray. My mouth is no longer in pain and does not have the horrific smell that it had prior to coming here. I will need to see a dentist again to get pictures to see what the difference is now. But I feel like it’s all clearing up. My skin became very thin and I lost the hair like a 90 year old person, but my skin is improving. Candida - this is almost gone and not nearly the problem it was prior. This was a disgusting aggravating issue. Bladder - no longer leaks Sleep- prior to Dr. Nemeh, I would sleep 10 to 13 hours a night, it would feel like I had blacked out with absolutely no rest, I did not feel rejuvenated, I’d be foggy, goopy eyes, and in pain. Now I sleep 6 to 7 hours a night, I feel rested and rejuvenated and wake up with tons of energy. My heart had fluid on it and my left ventricle was having issues pumping blood to my extremities, this was proven by CAT scan with dye. I would get winded and out of breath doing simple tasks like taking a shower.

I do not plan on having another CAT scan, but I know this fluid is gone because I can now walk for exercise and I’m running up and down the stairs like the energizer bunny. RSD -I had this systemically, but the worst area affected was my feet which made it very difficult for me to just simply walk to the bathroom. My feet are not 100% yet but I am actually walking a few miles every day for exercise. Throat - I had pain in the left side of my larynx and I also had trouble swallowing, the pain is gone and I’m swallowing with no issues. My larynx and thyroid area was extremely swollen and that is gone as well as both lymph nodes in my neck were severely swollen and painful and they are back to normal. Voice - this is the biggest area that people notice. My voice had become very froggy, frail and sick sounding… My voice is now filled with peace and happiness and everyone notices. Body pain - My entire body, hands, feet, joints, knees, neck, especially my hands were so painful. I was literally getting to a point where just wiping myself after going to the bathroom was almost too painful. All of the pain is 90% gone. Tongue - as you can see in the pictures, the veins under my tongue were black and swollen because of my heart damage. My tongue in general was also so swollen that it felt like it was too big for my mouth and caused issues with my breathing. My tongue is normal again.

This failure in my immune system also made me very sensitive and susceptible to mold and chemicals. Moldy homes or chemicals sprayed in the air would cause me to have severe psychological issues as well as physical issues. This made it very difficult to find housing and just live in the general public. I have tested this out recently and I am not perfect yet but my reactions were much improved. Migraines - I would get migraines from just about anything, if I strayed from my strict (forced not voluntary) diet or if I encountered mold or chemicals, I would be down for the count, unable to move, eat, drink, open my eyes, or even sometimes speak. I have not had one single migraine like this since my first visit with Dr. Nemeh. Lyme Disease - I suffered terribly with neurological issues and pain, I have no idea if it’s gone, but all I know is it’s not affecting me now.

I’m sure I’m forgetting things as I feel so amazingly good now… I forget what even hurt! I want to thank someone very special for helping me in this journey and opening her heart to me, a former patient and author of The Power Of God.. Now, Christy Blake. She is the one who took the time to talk with me and solidify my decision to drive 2200 miles, which has now saved my life. Also to Dr. Nemeh, who’s a living Saint, and to Kathy and Shannon for being so amazingly supportive, kind and generous. My month long experience in Ohio has transformed my heart, soul, body, mind and my entire life. Thank you Jesus, The Holy Spirit, God and all the angels who “worked” on me this month to make me whole again! You saved me… the biggest blessing is my sons have their mom back! I will never let this miracle go! God Bless Kathy C."

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