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Lyme Disease Left Behind

It's been over a year since I have been healed, so this testimonial is long overdue. I cannot thank Dr. Nemeh and his wife Kathy enough for their amazing faith and strength, dedicating their lives work to serving God and helping to heal people. I share my story as often as possible. I have told my story to strangers on airplanes, people at the dentist office, fellow students, and the like... pretty much anyone who is willing to listen. This experience was never truly about me, but how we are all connected to God and that He is always with us. The power of God is truly amazing.

I have never felt better... even my memories before Lyme disease... I never remember feeling this refreshed in my life!

Let me go back to around March of last year. I had been bed-ridden, out of work and on medical leave from school for over a year. Before that painful full year, I had experienced many symptoms of Lyme for several years, without knowing that was what was wrong. The diagnosis of Lyme disease came too late for me as far as being treated with a few weeks worth of a mild antibiotic.

By the time I had scheduled my appointment with Dr. Nemeh, I was taking weekly doctors visits to an out of state Lyme Specialist where I received high doses of various antibiotic combinations, first orally and then after my body could no longer tolerate that form, through an IV midline in my arm. The IV antibiotics were very intense and after awhile, my body was suffering not only from the disease, but the side effects of such high doses of antibiotics administered several times a day. Upon walking into Dr. Nemeh's office with the help of my mother (I could not walk on my own oftentimes without losing my balance), I also experienced many symptoms of Lyme... excruciating joint pain, oftentimes also experiencing jolts of pain throughout my body, extreme fatigue, vertigo, nausea, paralysis of one side of my face (and sometimes one whole side of my body), the most intense, awful shooting pain in my head, and more floaters than I ever thought could appear in one's eyes. I also had neurological effects including brain fog/confusion, and in addition to the sharp pain in my head, in other areas, I felt like there were little tears actually on my brain.

I didn't really know what to expect. I was hopeful, but I tried not to get too excited, as I had been promised by so many other doctors that in a certain amount of weeks or months I would get better with their treatment plan. As soon as I met with Dr. Nemeh, my concerns quickly vanished. Immediately, I could sense the presence of God and the Holy Spirit through Dr. Nemeh's deep connection with Christ. I was in awe of such a beautiful, peaceful relationship. Dr. Nemeh is so in tune with being a "vessel" in part of healing (God healing through him) that he said he could actually feel my pain.

Dr. Nemeh placed his hands on my temples while silently saying a prayer to Jesus. I had this immediate calming sense run through my entire temples/head/eye area felt very warm and then all of a sudden, almost all of the floaters completely vanished in a diagonal direction from the bottom to the top of my eyes... gone! The pain in my head, the confusion, and fogginess went away as well. My eyes had been flooded with floaters for so long they had appeared gray, and immediately after this part of my healing, both my mom and Dr. Nemeh saw my eyes instantly change from gray to white! In fact, before the floaters were gone from my eyes, I thought the room was gray, and afterward it was clear that the walls were painted white.

Also towards the beginning of my appointment, Dr. Nemeh asked me, "you don't feel any joint pain anymore, do you? At the moment, I truly did not feel any pain in my joints, but since I was so used to pain being a part of my daily life, I had to pause before I answered the question. I was completely amazed that I did not feel any pain in my joints which for several years had been continuously achy. Each time he placed the painless acupuncture-like needle on different points of my body, I began to feel better and better... my muscles no longer ached and I did not feel nauseous or fatigued. I didn't even tell Dr. Nemeh where the majority of my pain was in my head, yet he knew exactly where each point of pain was located.

The entire time I was there, I had the most amazing, comforting feeling inside of me... the most relaxed I have ever felt, the greatest and deepest amount of warmth and love one could possibly feel. I had never felt God so present, so close to me as I did during that time. I felt as if I was right next to God and he was saying, "Hey, I'm here and I have been here all along". I felt so safe, so much at peace.

Even more amazing things began to take place during my visit. I watched my entire right leg shake up and down as neither I nor Dr. Nemeh was moving my leg. He informed me it was the Holy Spirit, as we continued to watch my knee cap (first my left, and then my right) shift into place (that had always been turned outward). My knees had been the least of my fact, they were not even on my mind during the visit beforehand.

Another amazing miracle took place... as I was sitting in the chair, I felt like I was sitting up straighter, and as if I was gaining strength in my entire back... I could feel my whole spine straightening and straightening.... eventually Dr. Nemeh said "your shoulders are even-ing themselves out" then later worked on my back, and my spine began to feel even stronger, and then Dr. Nemeh said that my scoliosis was gone!!! He felt my spine, then my mother felt my spine, and it was indeed as straight as could be! For the first time in years that I can recall, my knees did not hurt and my back was entirely pain free!

The next day after my appointment, I drove my car for the first time in a year. I drove around to family and friends houses telling them about the amazing work of Dr. Nemeh and Christ, how God is ever present. I encouraged people to trace my spine to see how straight it really was, for those who knew how curvy it was before, and take a look at my knee caps that were now straight. Not to mention I could walk on my own without tripping or falling down.

What an amazing experience! This entire journey has confirmed the following beliefs:

Never doubt God, anything truly is possibly with Him.

Never forget the power of prayer... God is listening.

God is always near, you are not alone... "You will find me when you seek me with all your heart" Jer. 29:13

We are all connected and on a spiritual journey... a part of something much greater than ourselves.

Every day is a gift.

Sharing my story as I continue my journey in faith (his amazing work is not called Path to Faith for nothing!! :) ) will hopefully help open up minds and hearts of other people seeking to not only regain physical, mental, or emotional health, but to most importantly establish an incredible, everlasting relationship with Christ.

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