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Uterine Cancer Gone

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Becker first went to Dr. Nemeh for a lifetime affliction that affected the way she walked. She says Dr. Nemeh eliminated her “duck walk” and later saved her life after she was diagnosed with uterine cancer.

“He believes in the scientific part of it also,” says patient Lynn Becker of West Chester, “and he’ll be the first one to tell you, ‘don’t stop taking your medicine, go back and consult your doctor, that type of thing.'”

Becker says, “when they went in to do the surgery, the other doctor told me, ‘they must have gotten it all out with the DNC because there was no cancer in there.'”

Her husband, Jay Becker, was raised in the Jewish faith, but turned to Christianity after he saw what he calls miracles performed by Dr. Nemeh. “You hear about things like this,” Jay Becker says, “but until you actually visually see them, it’s so difficult to absorb and process what God can do. But when you actually see it, you become a true believer.”

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