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Miracles for Family & Friends

"Dr. Nemeh changed our lives, not only with my dad Steve Johnson but also my daughter. She was suffering with complications from wolff Parkinson white syndrome. After two months on their top heart monitors screaming with irregular actions every 10 minutes. She visited Dr. Nemeh with hope's that he could share a few minutes of his time with her. She witnessed a miracle with her papa not knowing that she would soon receive her own. Dr. Nemeh worked with her and she described Angel's tap dancing on her heart. Dr. Nemeh confirmed her condition without ever knowing what she was there for. He also explained that he was taking care of all her problems as he was doing his work. Hours later after her trip home from Ohio she screamed with excitement that her heart monitor has not went off since she seen Dr. Nemeh. We as parents were skeptical but figured all we'll see. As days went by, then weeks, and now years have gone and she has NOT had a single issue with her heart since. Other Dr.'s have no explanation. She can breathe again she doesn't have an irregular heartbeat, no longer sitting out in gym class. And not a single claim that "my heart hurts." THANK YOU DR. NEMEH for healing my family!

My best friend sent his father who had a horrible recurring brain tumor. Major surgeries with no stopping his tumor. After seeing Dr. Nemeh he no longer has an expiration date, and no longer has his brain tumor.

This man has worked miracles for my family and I am eternally grateful!"

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