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"To Live For Something Greater"

Dear Friends of Path to Faith,

We hope this blessed season has been filled with peace, love, and joy for all!

Our talented friend, Laura, has an inspirational blog that we love to read especially this time of year. "To Live For Something Greater" is filled with beautiful, faith-driven pieces that all of us can relate to.

Laura is on a mission to share her journey in hope of facilitating the journey of others, to live for something greater.

Laura received her bachelor’s degree in education, teaching one year prior to attending graduate school. After earning her Ph.D., she worked in the apparel industry for 10 years and ran a nonprofit in Boston for 7 years. More recently, Laura taught business part-time at Kent State University and has a direct marketing business.

Teacher, leader, business owner enjoying life one day at a time! Faith, family, and career are Laura’s priorities. Living for something greater is her purpose.

Check out her blog here and have a very Merry Christmas!

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