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A Frozen Shoulder Now Moving

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

"I had a frozen shoulder that started giving me trouble in April or May of last year. It was very difficult to move. It got to the point that I couldn't even lift my arm over my head. I went to the doctor — I went to a specialist — and he gave me a shot of cortisone and sent me to physical therapy. I was going weekly, maybe even sometimes twice a week. Each week, it was a little tiny bit better, but it was still far from perfect. I could not lift the right arm properly, couldn't rotate it, couldn't get it up.

"Our church had a healing service. My wife was recovering from a fractured hip — she was in a wheelchair — and she wanted to go. Many years ago, my wife took our daughter to Sister Monica. She was married and unable to get pregnant. The next thing you know, she's pregnant and has a baby!

"After the healing service, the next morning when I woke up, my shoulder was enormously better. It was probably going up 5 percent [in improvement] a week. All of a sudden, it went almost to 100 percent."

— Dr. Ted Castele, 77, chairman of the Dean's Advisory Council at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, former WEWS-TV 5 medical editor and retired radiologist

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