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Diagnosed With a Narrowing of the Spinal Column

"For about a year, [I had] trouble with my back: pain in the back and pain running down the right leg. I found it difficult to stand for any longer than 15 minutes. It wasn't always bad at the beginning. But it got increasingly worse. So when a friend said, Just do me this one favor and go and see this doctor. He'll help you a lot,' I was ready to do that. I did not want to have back surgery.

"I began to see Dr. Nemeh on a regular basis, I would say every two weeks or so, certainly for a year. And I noted over that time that the pain lessened, that I was able to stand for a longer period of time at Mass without pain. In fact, it has become so that I can stand through the Mass — for an hour."

— Rev. Robert Welsh, 69, vice president for mission at St. Martin de Porres High School and former president of St. Ignatius High School, both in Cleveland, diagnosed with a narrowing of the spinal column.

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