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Jesus Stepping In

"I am writing to tell you of the wonderful Blessings and Miracles I have received. September 5th - 9th 2017 I was put in the hospital. I had an appointment with my doctor because my blood pressure was going too high. When I got there and they took my blood pressure my diastolic was way over 200 and they tried for 5-10 minutes to get my pulse but couldn't. The doctor tried, then the nurse tried and could not get it. They called for an ambulance and when it arrived three paramedics tried to get my pulse and could not. They took me to the hospital because no one can live without a pulse for so long. Since then I have been living in heart failure. But I have been able to do my housework, shop, and do everything I need to as I live alone. The doctors can't believe I am still alive. Dr. Nemeh said that was definitely Jesus stepping in to protect me. Previously I have had 5 strokes, was disabled from them, but have recovered from them all. I have had thyroid and vocal cancer and without chemo or radiation I have been healed! I have Parkinson's Disease and take one pill a day and have not had any shaking for 15 years. I've had depression and the Holy Spirit taken it away. I have been in kidney failure and came out of it without treatment. I have learned many things since; such as thanking Jesus every day for my blessings (many times a day) and how to come close to Jesus by taking one day at a time, even one hour at a time. I see all the Blessings that have been bestowed on me. All my sufferings are offered to Jesus and I have happiness, joy, and peace in my life. Now I can hear Jesus when he calls. I see all the blessings He has given me. I know He cares for me every minute of the day. I know I live for only Jesus and all His glory. I am 76 years old and am grateful for all the good and bad experiences that Jesus has turned around me. Thank you Holy Spirit for clearing my mind. Without Dr. Nemeh's loving practice none of this would have happened. Dr. Nemeh saved my life many times. I trust Jesus through all this so I am not afraid of what is to come. Now most of my day is spent in prayer and adoration. I am finally God's clay and he can mold me to what I should be. So I have had many miracles. Now I live moment to moment waiting for You, Jesus! I have everything I need, not necessarily what I want! I was blessed enough to see Jesus Christ at a Healing Service and the Holy Spirit at another."

If you have a story to share from a healing service, we would love to hear it! Just email Leigh at

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