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Two Best Friends Walk into a Healing Service...

Teresa DeJesus and Denise Stefan, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, have been best friends for years. They went to school together and became fast friends when they began working at the same company at 19 years old. Over the decades they have gone through marriages, divorce, children, careers, and life’s ups and downs together. A few weeks ago, as Teresa’s birthday neared, Denise wanted to do something special. They had both been experiencing health problems and their situation was worsening. Teresa was no longer able to stand for more than a few minutes without discomfort and her back and legs were causing her some constant pain. Denise suffered from diabetes and other health issues that were affecting her quality of life.

Denise decided the best gift she could give Teresa for her birthday was a miracle.

A few years ago, a friend had told Denise about a healing experience through Dr. Nemeh. Denise’s interest was piqued, but taking the time to make the trip for herself was always put on the back burner. Now however, taking the time to make a trip for Teresa became a priority. She went online and to her amazement, the next Dr. Nemeh healing service fell of Teresa’s birthday, September 17th.

Denise took this as a sign and excitedly told Teresa about her birthday present. Teresa’s response was less than enthusiastic; she lives alone and had no one to watch her dog and cat for the weekend. She was also experiencing a lot of pain that would make travel difficult. Undeterred, Denise continued to make plans for the trip. Later that week, Teresa’s sisters called out of the blue. Teresa mentioned that Denise wanted her to go to Cleveland for the weekend. Her sister, who for years refused to watch Teresa’s pets, said “I’ll watch your pets” without being asked. Teresa took this as a sign from God was clearing her path to make the trip possible, and a week later they were on the road to Cleveland.

At the healing service, Teresa and Denise walked into the room dressed from head to toe in white. They looked beautiful, but their expressions were one of surprise. “I thought I read somewhere that there was a requirement to wear all white to his healing service,” Denise later explained. They looked around the room at the young and old, crippled and walking, men and women, and the image of everyone dressed in white, especially the men, gave them a good laugh for the rest of the day.

Other than their imaginary dress code, the only other preparation the women made for this day was reading “Miracles Every Day” on the car ride to Cleveland. Denise and Teresa are both deeply spiritual women, and the book resonated with them for many reasons. They believe without hesitation in the wonderful works of the Lord, and they felt a powerful spiritual nudge that Dr. Nemeh is indeed a servant of God.

As they sat in their seats waiting for the service to begin, Teresa’s body began to generate so much heat that Denise turned to her and asked, “What is going on with you?!” “It feels like I’m sitting next to a furnace.” Just then, Dr. Nemeh walked into the room. Later, Teresa explained that she was filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit, which created the extraordinary warmth radiating throughout her body.

As Denise described what happened next, Dr. Nemeh began his talk and both women were overcome with emotion. Denise saw a golden glow surrounding Dr. Nemeh and a halo appeared around his head. Suddenly, larger than life angels and saints appeared behind, stretching across the entire width of the room. The presence was so great that they towered over the room. Denise opened and closed her eyes several times. She squinted and rubbed her eyes. She asked Teresa if she saw anything unusual and Teresa said no. After a few minutes Denise decided to stop trying to make the image before her go away. She stopped trying to convince herself that it was her imagination. The vision in front of her was crystal clear, and her faith allowed her to cast away her doubts. Once she was able to relax a little, she took a closer look at the faces of the saints, hoping to identify them. Although their bodies were clearly defined, their faces seemed purposely blurred. As the questioned this in her mind, she was made to understand that they didn’t want their individual identities known. She was witnessing the communion of saints that surrounds Dr. Nemeh and his prayerfulness. He was standing in their midst. He is one of them. Tears came to her eyes and she gave thanks for the experience to bear witness to what she had seen.

When it was time for their prayer with Dr. Nemeh, the two women approached with great emotion. Dr. Nemeh placed his hands on Denise’s’ back and murmured his prayers quietly. She felt a vibration in her body, like a motor whirring. When she returned to her seat she said, “I realized when I sat down, that although Dr. Nemeh had physically moved on to the next person, he and the Holy Spirit were still working on me. I continued to feel the sensation of his hands on my back, and the pressure was more insistent. The feeling of hands circulating on my back continued for a long time. I didn’t move a muscle for fear it would stop.”

When it was Teresa’s turn, a feeling of comfort and security came over her as Dr. Nemeh prayed, and as he bent over her leg and touched her back, he murmured, “You are healed,” before moving on. She said she had not been able to stand for more than a few minutes before the prayer, but as we stood and spoke in the hallway after the healing she realized she had been standing for a long time without pain. She sat down with great satisfaction saying, “I don’t want to overdo it. Even though I feel I can stand longer, I also think the healing will continue for a few days and I want to give it time. I want to show God that I have learned how to be patient.”

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