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5 Guys and a Faith Healer - WXYZ

Story from WXYZ Detroit:

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(WXYZ) — Do you believe in miracles? You might after hearing the stories of five men who say they are blessed to be alive after escaping death's door.

All of them had dire health scares that led them to this man, Dr. Issam Nemeh, a Catholic doctor from Cleveland, who some swear has the power of healing.

“They did an MRI and found a brain tumor located in the back of my head in a position where they deemed it inoperable,” said Bill Wylonis.

“I was diagnosed with fourth stage throat cancer,” said Ray Confer.

“It just shattered my whole face. I lost about 50 percent of my eye sight,” said Livonia resident Jim Fortner.

“I ended up in ‘03 with pituitary tumors, said S K Johnson. “I had three of them.”

“'You need to get your affairs in order because you only have two or three months to live,'” said Steve Johnson.

We've done stories on Dr. Nemeh who, for 25 years, has crisscrossed the U.S., sharing his gift of healing the sick.

Though he doesn’t seek recognition, his believers have made it their mission to spread their miracles and the word of God.

Fortner lost 50% of his eyesight while helping a neighbor cut down a tree. A turnbuckle rope smashed him in the face.

“I looked up, I thought somebody hit me in the head with a log or something,” said Fortner.

After struggling with life, Jim's wife urged him to take a chance on Dr. Nemeh after seeing him on Dr. Oz's show.

“I believe in God, but this might be voodoo or something,” said Fortner.

Years later, he would see Dr. Nemeh at a neighborhood church and within hours, he would call his wife screaming about a miracle.

“I can see! I can see! I can see! I couldn’t believe it! I could see!” screamed Fortner.

An aggressive tumor sent Wylonis to see this proclaimed healer.

“When he approached me, he touched my head, right where my tumor was,” said Wylonis. "The moment he touched me, my body got warm. My whole body got warm and my head started hurting.”

He, too, was shocked by some incredible news.

“I don’t know what to tell you, your tumor is gone. It’s gone,” Wylonis heard from his doctor.

Wylonis then took his friend, Ray Confer, who was suffering with throat cancer, to see Dr. Nemeh.

Soon after, Confer heard amazing news from his doctor. “The tumor was gone, it was absolutely gone,” said Confer. "One hundred percent gone. So, you have to believe.”

Three months to live, with stage 4 large cell lymphoma. For Steve Johnson, it was a death sentence until he miraculously he saw a picture of Dr. Nemeh.

"About the same time, it felt as if somebody was taking a pitcher of warm water and rubbing it across my chest."

“After that was over, I felt like a million dollars,” explains Steve. “I jumped off the step, and I said, I think this cancer has just left my body.”

S K Johnson had serious doubts about Dr Nemeh.

“I’m sorry! I have a negative thought, I apologize,” S K said. “But I’m watching, I’ll give it a chance.”

Dr. Nemeh put his hand on S K’s head and shoulder.

“I swear to this day, it felt like a magnet pulling on my head,” S K said. “I got hot.”

After a few weeks, a checkup would reveal what seemed impossible.

“We’re sitting in the room, the doctor walks in the room, throws my papers in the air and says, 'S K, where did it go? Where’d the tumor go?'”

S K felt that his life had been changed forever.

“Dr Nemeh is an angel, right, and he’s bringing the power of God to us,” said S K Johnson.

While the incredible stories of these five men will always have skeptics, they all agree on this.

“You have nothing to lose by going to him and everything to gain,” Wylonis said.

Though all five of these men did seek treatment by a specialist, they all contribute the power of prayer to their recovery.

There is a cost of about $100 for a ticket for a service, which is all donated to the church for hosting the event.

If you are interested in attending a service, visit

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