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Emmy's Skype Healing

"Our precious Emmy who I've scheduled a Skype for and received a prayer from your email has had an amazing improvement! Emmy has recently been diagnosed with Leukemia. Previously wheelchair bound within past 2 years due to having disease AT from birth. She's had the best day of her life the day of your prayer.

When she asked for a "hotdog" to eat, later that afternoon, they called in a Neurologist to come and evaluate her. Her neurological symtoms and appetite have apparently improved and they're trying figure out how. She had not been eating or drinking much. She ate the whole hotdog. Then wanted to go to activity room where she made 2 crafts. She's not really been out of bed in the 40 plus days she's been there.

Her parents had similar events of restful sleep that very evening, as well as Emmy. How can anyone ever thank you all to the degree of what you do for others in this world of such confusion. Your faith in God is something of angelical strength. I look in the Bible and read about the Saints, Angels, Apostles, and of course the Trinity.The Bible already written so long ago, but includes all of you and I read about you often. You are in both Testaments. The Lord makes no mistakes and please know HE included you in HIS Book of love and widom.I am reminded frequently the good of others through your eyes of great faith.Thank you so much for faith that truly moves mountains.Please let me know about the Skype for this child. My husband and I will take care of it for this family. God richly bless you,

Thank you,


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