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"Heaviness in My Back Was Gone"

"Dear Dr. Nemeh and Kathy!

I want to let you know what a wonderful and spiritual experience I had attending the Healing Service for all of us on the bus trip October 12th from Cedar Rapids.

Right away I felt the healing of my scoliosis and my tailbone was back in place! I walked straighter and felt taller and the heaviness in my lower back was gone! Things I couldn't do before changed - of course I over did it and the tail bone didn't like it, so I needed an adjustment.

I was taking Sudafed daily for my sinus issues but now am almost medicine and headache free!

Thank you Dr. Nemeh for answering the call of the Holy Spirit to work through you. Looking forward to your visit in April for healing of family and friends and all attendees!

Christy will send you my email about healings for my family in pictures that you prayed over on the 12th. Oct.

Thank you Kathy also, for all you do! Prayers for you both!!"

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